The Pearl Berlin

The Pearl Berlin

The faery and seduction of nightlife expressed with the means of light and design – this is our concept for the interior of this club in the west of Berlin. The space is a structural unity of bar/lounge, disco, and VIP area. Modern and classic, gentle and sensual, it defines in an original way la dolce vita.

The WOW effect

The imposing sculpture of a fountain-shaped tree made by chrome segments. It effectively centers the composition around which the other elements are rotated – the tubular lighting and the low sofas.

Light geometry over the lounge area and bar. The individual tubular segments are arranged as radiuses of hexagons, programmed to form different colored figures.

Light baldachin over the dance floor. The cloud of optical filaments creates a sense of eternity among the pearl-covered veils.

The tufted luxury of the VIP area, separated from the rest of the space by sliding screens.