Sublime Bachelor Pad

Sublime Bachelor Pad

In this apartment, which has captivated a man’s world, comfort is value, and luxury is represented in subtlety. We recreated Golden Age glamour through a minimalistic lens. The interior design’s beauty is revealed subtly, with moderation. The lighting brings out the surfaces’ character, their texture, the materials’ nuances, and creates a jeweled glow around them. A lack of spatial vastness has been compensated for through rounding of the corners, to deliver a sense of calm fluidity. Several compositions throughout the dedicated sectioning follow the idea of symmetry and duality, inspired by the Asian theory of harmonized space. The interior exudes rationality, confidence, balance, but never loses its precious shades of elusiveness and mysteriousness, reminiscent of a valuable cigarette box.

The WOW Effect

The entryway composition – aristocratic, yet extravagant symmetry between the two Hill House chairs by Cassina, Portuguese console, and an alabaster-framed mirror, designed by us.

Interior doors – architectural jewels in Art Deco, fashioned out of metal, glass, and marble, created by Alumina Elit and designed by us.

Sliding panels upholstered in leather hide the television, and the marble base holds a built-in fireplace.

The oak dining table – elegantly shaped, adorned with metal, designed by IDEA, illuminated by the mystical beauty of the alabaster lamps and the opulence of the Michael Aram dining sets.

The kitchen, also designed by us, with the subtle glare of metal woven into a textile, for the top cabinets.

Dignified forms of the B&B sofas, Poltrona Frau armchairs, and the low container tables, upholstered with leather on the outside and nubuck on the inside, created through detailing.

The carpet’s unimposing luxury, created by Stepevi and designed by us.

The stylish, carefree spirit of the linen curtains with metal ornamentation, by Dedar.

Fully upholstered bedroom for perfect soundproofing, associated with a luxury yacht.

A chromotherapy bathing room with a Jacuzzi for the sensual experience of a home wellness center.