Stunning apartment

Stunning apartment

The boudoir chic of this apartment is achieved with the combination of strict geometric elements and soft oval shapes, classic details and extravagantly exotic accents. Alex Kovachev’s pencraft here elegantly shows the idea of luxury with an interior design distinguishing itself with chamber intimacy. Stone, leather and silk linings, tuftings, generous proportions of sofas, delicate and elegant designs of shelves and console tables combined with the brilliance of brass, copper, and crystal create the feeling of exquisite lady jewelry.

The WOW effect

Two Serip Glamor’s chandeliers in the living room – exquisite sculptures of iced winter twigs of gold and crystal, artistic and modern romantic accent.

Trussardi sofas – haute couture comfort.

The bathtub positioned by the glazing.

The decorative linings of the living room and bedroom – a sophisticated modern interpretation of hot art deco trend.

The mirrors, reflecting the interior like a diamond.

Generous comfort of ViSpring bed combined with the poetic beauty of Serip’s Luna lamps.

The caressing softness of Dedar textiles.