Opera Sofia

Opera Sofia

Located in the heart of Sofia and in the historic building of the Sofia Opera House, this club focuses on the high class of sweet life, both in the traditional and the modern sense of the term.

We delicately link the concept of interior design with the idea of the theatricality and plasticity of the space. The classic decoration is combined with the clean lines of the specially designed furniture in graphite and black nuances, reminiscent of the austerity of the opera dress code. The wall cladding, the combination of matt and glossy surfaces, the black and white photographs and, above all, the distinctive separation of the space also reminds of the pleasure of an opera room.

The WOW effect

Chandeliers made up of movable rings that form different shapes. They strengthen the idea of theatricality and the variability of the interior.

The bar consists of separate modules – block tables. On them, the bartenders prepare for each client a cocktail he/she has ordered. In that way, the clients are part of the overall experience, comfortably located in their own private lounge.