Millenium apartment

Millenium apartment

Being able to turn a beautiful view into an organic part of the interior is the superior form of design skills. By working on this Millennium Tower apartment, we do just that. We “translate” the idea of ​​endless vistas, the glare of the sky, the clouds, the silhouettes of the city and Vitosha mountain into the language of luxury and comfort. We are looking for sophisticated, jewelry-like and nature-borrowed forms. We superpose two shades – the bright, shining presence and the discrete, mirage-like appearance.

We extended the space prospects with mirrors. We dotted the interior with the fine gold contours of the furniture and accessories. We combined marbles reminiscent of delicate seafoam, chandeliers like frozen waterfalls or mountain crystals, wallpapers and textiles  with prints, blossomed like fairy gardens, frosted glass panels, a green plant wall. This is how we achieve to tell the beauty of nature with sophisticated objects and luxury materials. This is a design for modern romantics and urban hedonists. The new supernatural that provoke fantasies.

WOW effect

Space perspectives prolonged with mirrors and glass partitions.

LASVIT and SERIP chandeliers in unconventional natural forms, saturating the atmosphere with crystal glare and poetic spirit.

The noble luxury of flooring – stone Nero Portoro and Calacata Oro in the hallway, parquet massif with stone elements Nero Portoro in the living room, leather floor tiles PrideDesign – Next Step Sabia in the master bedroom.

The fine brass detail of the furniture and accessories designed especially for the project.

Hallway – a feary of reflections and exquisite natural forms, achieved with upholstered paneling, lined with DEDAR textiles and gypsum plastics.

The comfort and timeless elegance of the furniture of GLAS ITALIA, REFLEX ANGELO, ROBERTO CAVALLI, FENDI, BAXTER.