Immaculate Home

Immaculate Home

This completely remodeled house in Boyana combines the aristocracy of an ancient Roman villa, Golden Age Glamor, the splendor of modern classics, the elegant version of the idea of the opulence and a measured dose of extravagance.  After the reconstruction, the lower level is converted into an open space. Only the columns have been preserved from the former lobby.

Thus, the airiness, flow of space and the diversity of viewpoints are achieved. The low seating, eating and chess areas are “rotated” around the open lobby, which already resembles a Roman atrium. On the second level are the parent’s bedroom and both children’s rooms while the basement is completely transformed into a spa area. The refined combination of colors, the pomp of the lamps – glass cascades, unusual mirrors, marble tiling and flooring, mosaics, decorative glass interior doors, textiles, leather details – each element of interior design focuses on the idea of timeless beauty.  Our approach is like grinding a gem, while precision and seriousness are delicately provoked by extravagant or sweetly poetic design objects.

The WOW effect

Lobby-like Roman atrium, accentuated by the minimalist sculptural form of the table and the artistic splendor of Terzani’s Atlantis chandelier.

Extravagant entry-level chic achieved with oversize tufted benches, Art Deco lamps and provocative Reflections Copenhagen’s Eye of the Tiger mirrors.

The feeling of generous comfort in every corner of the living room. The sofas and armchairs of Fendi, San Babilla and Selva are combined with tailor-made tables and cabinets.

The intimate luxury of a corner by the fireplace in the master bedroom. A calm combination of marble, velvet, clean lines, tuftings and the warm copper glare of Tom Dixon lamps.

The two children’s rooms, designed not in the anticipated children styling, but in the elegant style of the whole house, supplemented very sparingly with playful elements, including the animalistic fairy lamps of Seletti and Karman.

The Moroccan style hinted at the spa area, including a swimming pool, steam room, sauna and fitness room. Relaxing, stylish combination of marble tiling and Bisazza mosaics.