Restaurant and club design have always been our passion and our core business. Having designed some of the most remarkable and successful venues in Bulgaria, we see each new space as an opportunity to bring taste, insight, drama, and fun to a particular environment and a particular audience.

This project is a venue, located in central London. The concept of the investors was to create a restaurant that would serve modern continental cuisine and would at some point in the night merge with the night club in the adjacent space.

The restaurant space is dominated by a huge chandelier created using hand-blown crystal abstract forms each fitted with an LED pixel. The whole structure creates a 3d light sculpture, which leads the guests’ gaze to the show kitchen where head chef Georgi Yaneff (formerly of The Bazaar at SLS Hotel, Beverly Hills) works his magic.

We saw this project as an opportunity to bring glamour and authenticity to a city that is often too Spartan in its approach to the night club scene. A grass-like metal structure envelopes the whole soffit of the club. Hidden amongst the 25 000 metal stems is a complex matrix of over 2200 LED pixels. Another prominent decorative feature is the oversized steel bells, connected to laser installation on the DJ deck the bells ring when the laser’s light is interrupted.