Dazzling city house

Dazzling city house

This oasis in the city center combines tradition and modernity, the warmth of craftsmanship and the talent of the modern author’s style. Our concept is an exclusive interior design that emphasizes the natural and timeless beauty of the materials – stone, wood, textiles, metal. Throughout the interior, there is a fine sense of the preciousness of the vintage details, which, combined with contemporary classic design pieces, creates the unique charm of this house. The exterior area – a comfortable open-air living room, is also part of the concept, enriching it with the idea of airiness and lightness. The result is an aesthetic shelter for happy days.

The WOW effect

The exterior extension of the living area. Designed as a dolce vita scene, it is distinguished by the green splendor of the garden, lifted onto a teak platform shaded by an ethereal white awning. The selection of Atmosphera and B&B exterior furniture strengthens the style of casual luxury.

Living room lamps created with the magnetic fantasy of the star Lee Broom. Here, his lamps are the leitmotif and the essence of the modernity-vintage-grace-extravagance mix.

The combination of Fendi armchairs and Trussardi sofas. The color combination of the damasks also makes it exclusive.

The dining area. The Perflex solid woodеn counter with a Lee Broom lamp and Pedrali chairs create a feeling of comfort.

The rooms of the two girls. The feeling of gentle comfort is created with oval shapes, pastel but not sweet colors, and decorative wall trims. Leather belts for holding books and magazines are a bohemian detail while designer lamps add a fairy tale motif.